Effective Disinfection by a Company You Can Trust
Maid Brigade has been providing safe cleaning & disinfection services in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, The Bronx & Fairfield counties for 25 years.


Our hospital-grade disinfection is on the EPA List N for use against the virus responsible for Covid-19. Our handheld and backpack electrostatic sprayers reduce the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces including hard to reach areas.


GBAC Trained Technician Shield
PUREmist Disinfection System: Kills viruses, bacteria & germs effectively and safely, without the use of toxic chemicals.
Deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant infections are on the rise but traditional tools aren't effective. Our PUREmist Disinfection system is hands down the most effective way to achieve proper disinfection in any indoor environment.

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“Disinfecting on a regular basis will help protect the people you count on.”
Gary Murphy, President, Maid Brigade

Disinfection Proess
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State-of-the-Art Disinfecting Technology
Our equipment charges the disinfectant molecules so they bond like magnets to all surfaces, providing complete 360 degree coverage, and allows the solution to stay wet for the proper time so it effectively kills the viruses and bacteria.
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It's NOT Business as Usual
It's never been more important to make sure your workplace is a safe place for your staff, clients and other visitors. You can be confident that your office, warehouse, or facility is disinfected properly on whatever schedule you need: one time, daily, weekly, or on call.
office disinfecting
residential cleaning
residential cleaning
Clean Isn't Enough
The CDC and EPA jointly recommend a 2 step process: First clean, second disinfect.  Cleaning reduces the soil load which allows the disinfecting to kill the bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. 
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